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GPS Sales Finder

Residents Marketing Strategy


Resident's Chief Marketing Officer Gil Efrati promotes our brands with a philosophy of “Stay hungry in order to hit the next peak.” It works to keep our marketing campaigns always fresh and new.


Gil teaches three components for successful marketing that help grow our business now and will keep us growing into the future.


The first component is targeting the right audience. If you target the right audience, your chances to be heard grow exponentially.


The second component is storytelling. Gil has found that our consumers don’t like “salesy”, but they do like entertainment. His team makes sure to reach the right person with an entertaining message –knowing the chances of the message to resonate are extremely high.


Third, Gil and his team uses Data Analytics, Domain Expertise, and Data Science for Advanced Measurement and Attribution Solutions. Our ability to drive traffic to retail stores is backed by analytics that create proven success.

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Resident Match

Resident Match

Resident Match is a next generation advertising program where qualifying retailers can utilize the traffic driving expertise of the Resident Marketing team to drive qualified traffic directly to their retail store.  The Resident Team will act as a full-service agency for our retail partner.  The Resident Match program will be customized to each retailer and can include digital advertising, TV, Radio, Direct Mail and Outdoor Advertising.  Please consult with your account manager on how to qualify for this program.


GPS Sales Finder

If your store is looking for more qualified customers, the GPS Sales finder is an excellent tool to help improve traffic.  Sharing your sell through data with Resident will help us target more qualified consumers in your market through additional marketing spend in your trade area.  Please consult your account manager to learn more.

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Traffic Map

Online Traffic Map 



This map shows our actual website visits and our conversion rates for the last 30 days. It shows how many customers want to buy from your store instead of purchasing online. 


We know 80% of our website customers want to TRY before they BUY. That means about 80% of the website traffic in your area could potentially be YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO CLOSE MORE SALES. 


Contact your Sales Rep for a data-driven look at new mattress shoppers for your store. We’ll generate reports for your city, state and zip code. Together, we create NEW sales opportunities that start online and end with a buyer at your store!

Click Map Below

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Store Locator

Retail Store Locator 

Easy to find on our website

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Click Below to see our Live Locator 

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Clear Store Contact Info & Offer

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Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 3.59.32 PM.png

New POS System

Resident is creating a new Point of Purchase (POP) Kiosk that is ultramodern. Our sleek design Kiosk (with Shelving Unit) is inviting and completely interactive for your customers. After learning more about our mattress line, the kiosk will activate Under bed LED lights that change colors based on customer selections. The bed that glows is the right bed for you!


All of the features on this revolutionary POP Kiosk can be completely customized for each retailer. We even provide our dealers with Return on Investment data and customer info. This Kiosk is available now in limited production. Contact your sales rep to be among the first to experience this automatically updating POP sensation for your customers.

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