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Recorded Events & Podcast 

Recorded- Live Interview

2020 Furniture Today Leadership Conference -The Future of E-commerce, Eric Hutchinson

    2020 Furniture Today Leadership Conference

Recorded- Live Webinar 

The Need for Speed- How We Drive Traffic to You: With Gil Efrati, CMO     

Recorded Live 8/13/20 1pm EDT 

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Recorded- Live Podcast 

Accelerate- Nectar's Founders Reveal Their Secrets for Driving Foot Traffic

Recorded Live 8/11/20 1pm EDT 

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Resident & Dos Marcos Live Podcast AudioLive Podcast Recorded Audio
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Recorded- Live Webinar 

Engineered for Performance: With Bob McCarthy, Head of Retail Distribution     

Recorded Live 8/12/20 1pm EDT 

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Mattress Talk In Cars with Dave Perry​

         With Bob Muenkel, Vice President Retail Engagement and Dave Perry, Executive Editor and Bedding Expert for Furniture Today

When you can’t kick the tires in person, you’ll get a kick out of two of the biggest names in the Mattress Industry.  With a combined history of more than 60 years in the bedding industry and an always amusing friendship, Bob and Dave will make you laugh as you learn. 

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