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National Trainer

SusanZ is a proud mother of 2 boys, Zachary (13) and Alex (12). They are amazingly well behaved and solid humans with big hearts. They would live on video games alone if I didn't force them to do other things. They have big dreams of becoming YouTube stars. 


With Michigan weather being what it is, if it is nice I am outside. Camping, hiking, bonfires, and collecting rocks are tops on the list. Shoes off and feet in the sand, dirt, or grass is how I like to live. I have close to zero sporting talents but will take on anything and battle it out. I often have water balloon and egg throwing contests at my house but have not found the competitive circuit for this yet.


I am blessed with a huge family, around 60 of us, and many friends. There is no drama or bickering among us - which makes me the richest person in the world. Spreading love and making the world a better place is a core value that drives me daily. It may sound cheesy, but I firmly believe the better you treat people the better your life becomes. Be good and good comes to you. Oh, I rarely turn down a good blanco tequila. 

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